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There are now 4 billion mobile phone connections worldwide, according to the GSMA, the leading global trade association for wireless carriers. And the GSMA estimates that mobile phone connections will number 6 billion worldwide by 2013. This rapid growth calls for a forum where everyone in the mobile industry can come together, share information, and stay up to date on the latest developments.

That's why we created the MasterCard Mobile Partner Program - a global resource center designed to foster knowledge-sharing and partnership opportunities within the mobile industry. The program connects vendors to each other and MasterCard in the mobile space on a global basis in order to support the delivery of mobile financial services.

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As a registered member of the MasterCard Mobile Partner Program you will benefit from:

  • Direct access to publications relating to MasterCard's mobile financials services solutions, which include:
    • Specifications and guidelines
    • Trial and pilot reports
    • Best-practice and solution guides
  • Participation at special mobile-focused events
    • Regular webinars about the latest developments in mobile financial services from MasterCard.
      • Join special regional mobile experts events or be invited as a guest speaker.
      • Network with other companies engaging in mobile financial services.
      • Network with the broader vendor community.
      • Learn about global and regional mobile community updates.
    • Work with products from the suite of the MasterCard mobile portfolio
      • Offer products to banks, mobile network operators, direct to consumer, or manage services on behalf of MasterCard.
      • Offer your existing services, tested by MasterCard, or strengthened by the MasterCard brand.

      Who should join?

    We invite any interested company, particularly those offering services that relate to and enable mobile financial services, such as the following, to join our Mobile Partner Program.

    • Issuing or Acquiring Banks
    • Mobile Network Operators
    • Mobile Handset Manufacturers
    • Trusted Service Managers
    • Card/OS/Payment Application Vendors
    • POS Systems, Terminal Hardware Vendors
    • Technology Component Providers (Hardware, Software)
    • Processing & Related Service Providers
    • Mobile Application and Solution Developer/Providers
    • Mobile Marketing Agencies
    • Testing Product and Service Providers
    • Consultancies